Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Captain's Log - Monday 19th October

Last Day - We had a leisurely breakfast of bacon sandwiches, no mushrooms left, and set off on the 10 minute journey to the Braunston Tunnel, the second longest of the 4 tunnels on the trip at 2,000m. Glyn took us through with a boat behind and one in front, you don't really have a clue as to how near or far they are. All went well and we then had to negotiate the 6 locks at Braunston, finishing at Lock Number 1, bridges and locks on the Grand Union are all numbered from Braunston.

Shortly afterwards we made our way onto the Oxford Canal at the Norton Junction.We stopped an hour or so late for a final lunch of corned beef, potatoes and Branston and fed the last of the bread and cake to the swans, it was a lovely rural setting in the middle of nowhere, the sun was out and the sky blue. We then set off for the final hour or so of the journey into Calcutt, we negotiated the last lock and that was it - the end of the voyage.

House at Buckby Wharf

House near Norton Junction

Braunston Tunnel entrance

Into the Tunnel

Following another boat

Lock number 1

Shop at Lock number 1

Lock Number 1

Final lunch setting near Napton

Near Napton - shows how Oxford Canal twists

Swans eating last of the bread
It was a great trip !!, the weather was brilliant sunshine over 80% of the days and only a day and a bit of rain. Lots of work, with very little leisure time, just read half a book, no TV, radio or even music the whole trip, the blog took 2 hours a day, connections on a mobile always being irregular, but I feel pleased with the whole trip and feel we have accomplished something worth doing, the Oxford Canal is the prettiest most serene and relaxing part, the lower Thames the most dramatic and challenging, and really enjoyed St Katherine's. If I did again I would probably do the other way round !!!!

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  1. Sounds like a great trip - well done for persisting with the blog, it made great viewing & reading for us. I was envious at times (great countryside views and even better pub food and beer) and often thankful that I'd not been with you when towed down the Thames - I wonder how many tourist home movies you're on now!!