Saturday, 16 October 2010

Captain's Log - Thursday 14th October

Just another 11 miles to travel today and 23 locks. Early start around 7.30, with bacon and mushroom sandwiches on the hoof (or webbed  foot) The dodgy laptop is very unreliable and is crashing all over the place, but with much patience I can just about get there with blog, also have my other camera today, so can see what I am taking again, I took a picture of Petsy's yesterday, and ended it with just his feet, actually a good improvement as the nautical, slightly Jack Sparrow beard didn't make an appearance in the shot.

I decided to shorten my jeans - master tailor eh !

Ducks of the day

The Rising Son Pub - Berkhampstead
 After a a few hours and 14 locks we arrive at Berkhampstead. There is a lovely pub the Rising Sun, which is the winner of several CAMRA awards, right on the lock.

The Port of Berkhamstead
 Once past Berkhampstead the scenery changes and becomes much prettier and more isolated, again we are not seeing many other boats.
More weeping willows

Bushes - Lock no 50

Leaves have turned since start of journey

Cow Roast - near highest point on canal 
Cow roast lock is a key marker point on the Grand Union Canal as since the start 35 miles or so away at Brentford, the canal continues to climb, here it reaches it summit in the Chilterns. We are very close to Tring, where near Marsworth, there are several reservoirs that feed in the waters that allow the locking system to operate. There is also a large marina close by.
Cow Roast Lock

Rowers and Dutch Barge

Fullers Brewing Boat

A nice stone bridge - and Glyn 
At Bulbourne junction the Aylesbury arm of the canal splits out, this is a very beautiful spot, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, there is a small boat repair yard at the junction,
Boatyard at Bulbourne Junction

Bulbourne - Left to Aylesbury

Autumn Grasses

Autumn Colours

Still a long way to go !
We end the day at Marsworh, moored by one of the giant lakes that feed the canal. In the village a couple of hundred yards away are to pubs the Anglers Retreat and The White Lion, we choose the Lion, where Glyn has mixed grill and I go for gammon, eggs and chips, the meal was great, but we were not so keen on the beer, so we just had the one. Then back to the boat for another early night, as the 24 locks had taken its toll. No blogging as the laptop had finally given up completely. Now going to have to wait until I can use Marilyn's tomorrow.
Marsworth Lake

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