Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Captain's Dog - Wednesday 13th October

Captain's Dog - going through lock

We set off from the Coy Carp at Black Jack's Bridge, the pub itself is in a great setting on an island between the canal and a river, the river actually cross's the canal one of several we have seen like that.

Breakfast was taken on the journey as 19 locks today, it was B and M sandwiches. A cloudy day today about 11 degrees so much cooler but ok. We find this end of the Grand Union much less attractive than the Oxford canal, although the area around Denham was lovely.

A funny day as every one was commenting on everyone else's sailing ability, generally unfavourably, Glyn and I filled one lock up when it was fine just to go into as it was, so we had to empty it again, Petsy took us another lock and forgot to let us off, so up the lock ladder we went.

We stopped for lunch on a very nice stretch of canal, big saucy bangers and beans, by our German chef, we didn't like as much as his normal pork recipe, so we also had some Adnams Broadside, Bishops Finger and Spitfire.

I have now damaged the screen on my camera, so all today's pictures were taken by aiming and hoping for the best, borrowed Steve's laptop, to do blog.

Petsy left the boat at Apsley Railway Station, on his 24 hours with the boat we covered just eleven miles, this due to passing through 23 locks, the Grand Union Canal locks being the slowest to fill and pass through.

Glyn and I travelled on another hour or so, to end up just north of Hemel Hempstead, about 100 metres from a canal side pub,we were however to tired to be bothered to go there, so cornd beef, new jersey potatoes and branston all round, followed by rice pudding and hedgerow conserve for me and chees and branston sandwiches for Glyn. Rather a shock we didn't fancy a drink so just had tea.

With that I wass in bed asleep by 8.30pm. Interestingly, although we are often very tired, I am feelng much fitter and more energetic, so all the excercise must be doing some good, the sparse food regime is also probably causing some weight loss (unconfirmed).

Another big day tomorrow as aother 23 locks, then four relatively easy days to finish the trip on Monday night.
Film set by canal

A pretty lock

Tesco by the canal
Moored up at home

White Bidge

Petsy going home

A shed on a boat


  1. Hi Pete and Glyn,
    The government have just announced the abolishment of the British Waterways Authority, as part of the cull of quangos.
    Watch out for militant lock keepers wielding their winding hooks on the Grand Union!

  2. It's good to catch up with all your adventures on my return from Cuba. I've only had to put up with torrential rain, a bout of sickness and the odd earth tremor - I've now found out that there is a hurricane heading that way - so got out just in time!!! Gill and I will try and catch up with you at the weekend when you are a bit closer to home. Happy Sailing (or whatever it is on the canal), Sue