Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Captain's Log - Tuesday 12th October

The boat is in great condition, all topped up and pumped out, also did a house clean this morning, to clear up and make some space. Quite a few big days coming up with an average of 10 hours cruisingg a day for the next 4 days, we have done approximately two thirds of the miles but only just over half the locks. We do however have a 22 mile run today, then just 4 over the final 6 miles, so a light day. Our overnight destination is Uxbridge, where Steve Petts is due to join us for the journey to Hemel Hempstead tomorrow. It will be great to benefit from his all round skills as a sailor, he gained his reputation as a sailor from his exploits single handedly sailing all round the world, sailing on Grafham Water, on his catamaran.

Bacon and mushroom sandwiches for breakfast.

Slight problem, computer packed up, memory chip failed so having to do blog from phone for a few day's. On our way to Uxbridge where Steve, the world renown sailor will be joining the crew for 24 hours.

Journey through West London suburbs was rather industrial and not photogenic, weather a bit cooler and cloudy until lunch. Stopped for lunch at Bull's Bridge Junction, chicken in breadcrumbs and chicken soup to start, courtesy of our German chef again.

The sun came out and the sky turned blue in the afternoon, much warmer. After we passed Uxbridge and reached Denham the countryside turned beautiful and leafy again. We reached the Coy Carp pub at Harefield and moored up for the night. Steve joins us just in time for dinner, Wadsworth 8X and gammon and chips for me. Much reminiscing on the boat of past boating exploits

New Apartments over looking Canal

More House Boats

Garden by Canal

Boat Moored Up

Willow Trees

Leaf pattern in water

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  1. What's for breakfast? Bacon sandwich perhaps?